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Farmbench is a free whole-farm benchmarking programme from AHDB. It’s designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, helping you to understand and compare full costs of production at both enterprise and farm level. Through Farmbench, farmers can learn from others and identify best practices.

The new system brings together AHDB’s sector-specific benchmarking programmes, helping farmers measure and manage their whole-farm performance.

Farmbench will initially cover potatoes, cereals, oilseeds, beef and lamb enterprises, allowing mixed farms to enter their costs in one go. Individual farm data is kept confidential, while allowing anonymous sharing of aggregated data.

By calculating costs of production and benchmarking together, we have the keys to a healthy, resilient agricultural industry.

“Benchmarking helps me to identify our business strengths and weaknesses.
Sometimes those weaknesses and strengths are not where you think they are.”

Adrian Joynt, Apley Home Farm, Arable and Beef Farmer