Case Studies

Watch our videos below to see how farmers are using Farmbench to understand their cost of production and performance, and start to build resilient business plans.

“Benchmarking helps me to identify our business strengths and weaknesses.
Sometimes those weaknesses and strengths are not where you think they are.”

Adrian Joynt, Apley Home Farm, Arable and Beef Farmer

“Farmbench is a way of inputting figures so you can compare your performance with neighbouring, local or national farmers and focus on the areas of your business that need attention.”

Mark Wood, Arable and Beef Farmer, Hereford

“Benchmarking made us have a good look at what we were doing and how we can change. Whenever I mention it to my accountant or bank manager, they say marvellous, that’s the thing you ought to be doing.”

John Thomas, Arable farmer, Vale of Glamorgan

“If we didn’t have Farmbench or hadn’t been benchmarking our costs we would basically be guessing. But with it we’re making an informed decision.”

Andrew Booth, Arable Farmer, Aberdeenshire

“Every single cost that we have has to be put somewhere. So whether it is beef, cereals, potatoes or other, i.e. contracting or renewables, you can see exactly where the money is going. The more years you do it, the more accurate you get at it.”

John Weir, Arable and Potatoes, Fife